Striving to illuminate your pool table with a light you love.




It’s this very line that has defined and will define every single experience you incur through us,


We strive to not only offer top notch products for billiard and game rooms alike, but also an experience that makes the process simple, easy, and even practical.


We are able to achieve this and a whole lot more through education and support in every aspect of the words. Our blog fills pages of content to help you choose the proper pool table lighting fixtures. While our contact us page gives you all the information needed to contact us with any questions or concerns you have.


What drives our company? Through experience as both an efficient company and knowledgeable people, we know what makes an easy solution. With this, we are able to offer products that best fit any need you may have for game rooms.


Who are we? BilliardLux is not only a company but a place where we strive for excellence at everything we do. But of course, who doesn’t? We will prove it through exceptional support, easy to navigate websites, and useful content to help power your design decisions.


Why did we start? In short, we saw a gap in this market where both education and a sole supplier was missing. We saw that the education of proper lighting of a billiards room wasn’t readily available from one central yet reliable source. We also noticed a lack of quality product across a variety of brands and manufacturers being offered from existing sources, so we’ve created this outlet as a good middle ground for all quality pool table lights and fixtures. Why should this all matter to you? In design aspects it means a lot. Getting that perfectly crafted billiard fixture is just as important as getting its functionability and proper setup right too. Without proper dimensions, heights, and light count; you may end up with a fixture that, while it’s beautiful, isn’t practical for your setup. We get rid of this common issue by ensuring you know what you are buying with proper specifications on each and every listing, as well as blog posts on picking the proper light height and sizes.


Our guarantee to you… Our guarantee to you includes a promise to ensure the integrity of your well choose lighting fixture arrives to you properly. How can we do this? We first have to teach you how to choose that well chosen lighting fixture in the first place. From there, we must offer and easy yet safe way to buying that dream light you have your eyes on. From there, we rely on our safety packaging to get that dream light of yours to you in one piece. We not only sell you products here on BilliardLux, but we also sell top notch support at no added cost to you; the consumer. Sounds like a win-win? That’s because it is! You get the dream light you need, then get it safety and securely, and lastly if you ever need any help along the way or post-sale support; we will always help and respond with 24 hours, guaranteed.


Need anything else? As a continuation of a promise to serve you with full competence and integrity, we want to extend our services to you, pre or post sale, by offering you a way to ask us anything you may have about us, the products we carry, or even installations. If you need help with any of that, the related, or just want to say hi; use the info on our contact page. Like we always say, we guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours with a response that actually means something.



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