Frequently Asked Questions

Here we list just about every common question we get asked here on From pool table lighting requirements to sales support and returns; you will most likely find answers to your common questions below.

“What type of light bulb do I need for my fixture?”

We recommend a frosted bulb, as clear bulbs can cause lines / shadows on the bed of the table which can be distracting.

“What is your return policy?”

It’s simple, 30 Day Returns, Guaranteed. For more in-depth info, view our return policy page: please click here.

“I have forgotten my password and / or username, now what?”

If you’ve forgotten information that is required to login to your BilliardLux account, email us at with the email you signed up with. Alternatively if you can’t do that, send us over an order number and zip code. We will try our best to verify your information and set you back up!

“What methods of payment are accepted?”

Currently we accept payments through PayPal, or through our credit card processor (stripe) which accepts all major credit cards.

“Where do you ship to?”

Currently we offer shipping to the contiguous United States and Canada. This may change in the future, but currently these are the only places we will ship products to.

“How long will it take for my items to arrive?”

Most fixtures leave the warehouse in 2-4 days, and normally take 6-8 days to arrive. Some lights are custom crafted and only made when ordered, which brings along a 56 lead time for production. These lead times of 56 days will always be listed on the product pages. Otherwise, it should take about 2-4 days to leave the warehouse.

“How can I track my order?”

We offer the ability to track the status of your order directly on our website, via our order status page. Here you will find the live status of your order you placed with us. If you have questions about the status of your order after checking it here, feel free to email us at

“Who do I ask if I still have questions?”

Hopefully this page has answered your questions. If not, please use our contact us page to get in contact with us.

“How do I install my pool table light?”

Each and every product on our site is shipped out with a very detailed and instructional guide that will show you how to properly install your new pool table light. But, if you ever have any questions be sure to contact us!

“Can I install a pool table light after my table has already been installed?”

Yes, you can. But, you or your hired professional must have the proper equipment to avoid sitting or standing on the table.

“Does BilliardLux ever run promotions?”

In fact, yes we do! We are glad to run them, and tell people when we do. This is why we have created an entire page dedicated to listing all current offers and discount codes that we have. Click here to view them all.

“What’s the story behind BilliardLux?”

In short, we saw a bunch of people having issues with one sole supplier of both education and products of billiard lighting. Hence, we’ve dedicated our entire website to helping with just that and nothing else. Want to learn more? Click here to read our “about us” page.


“Where do you list all of your products?”

You can find all of our products over on our shop page, which you can go to by clicking here. From there, you can use the categories and filters on the left to further qualify the perfect lighting fixture for you.

“Where can I find an installation guide for a specific product?”

There are a few options for you. One, you will find the installation guide inside your shipment when you receive your new light. Two, you may view this page to see all of our installation guides to better help you out. Also, here are generic instructions for most lights we offer!